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  • Interested in Facebook, Yelp, twitter data? BUT have idea on Web Crawling and Scraping and data cleansing, organizing and formatting?
  • Have you got difficulties in computing variables on a huge dataset?
  • Have you been troubled in extracting specific content from a large number of PDFs or in dealing with Excel sheets by simple formulas and filters?
  • For academic researchers, have you ever been struggled in self-implementing highly-complicated functions for your psychology or marketing studies by Qualtrics, and finally find out this doesn't work?
Focus on your research, leave these work to us. We are MORE PROFESSIONAL.

Web Crawling and Scraping
Output can be encoded and formatted based on your requirement.








Data Processing

We can process MOST commonly seen sources.


We can process millions of files or a huge dataset.

  • Extraction: Efficiently and effectively extract useful content from text files or a dataset.
  • Cleanse: Filter out dusty data points.
  • Organization: Remove redundancies and lower dependencies based on ER paradigm.
  • Format: Standardize to any formats, as such that can be further analysed directly.

Data Computing

  • Basic Statistics: Mean, Sum, Median, Standard Deviation, Variance.
  • Network: In/out Degree, Size, Closeness Centrality, Reach Centrality, Shortest Path.
  • Datetime: Time Duration, Days of the Week, Number of Days.
  • Customized formulas or algorithms.

Research & Web Development

  • Text Analysis: Word Counting, EN/CN Word Segmentation, Stopword removal, Strip Punctuations.
  • Advanced: Text to TF/IDF Vector, Sentiment Analysis, POS Tagger, Data Classification/Clustering.
  • Regression Analysis: Linear, Logistic, Polynomial, Stepwise, Ridge, Lasso, ElasticNet.
  • Research-level Web Development.: Websites in Marketing survey or Psychology studies which requires very complicated functions, such as Condition Randomization, Time Tracking (in milliseconds) or need to collaborate with other devices, such as Skin conductance, BPM, EEG.

Our Clients

Nanyang Business School NUS Business School