Data Computing

We are able to asist you with the completion on the most complicated computation works. You could even CUSTOMIZE formulas or algorithms with us.

Bear in mind that WE can DO much much more than the followings:


We support all computations exists in EXCEL on LARGE dataset (Above 10M+).

  • Sum (accumulative)
  • Average (accumulative)
  • Median (accumulative)
  • Variance (accumulative)
  • Standard Deviation (accumulative)
  • Top 5%, 10%, 15%, 20% percentile
  • Down 5%, 10%, 15%, 20% percentile


We support graph computation on four types of graphs, i.e., Undirected graphs with self loops, Directed graphs with self loops, Undirected graphs with self loops and parallel edges, Directed graphs with self loops and parallel edges, Consistently ordered graphs.

  • Centrality. Degree, Eigenvector, Closeness, Current Flow Closeness, (Shortest Path) Betweenness, Current Flow Betweenness, Communicability Betweenness, Load, Subgraph, Harmonic Centrality, Reaching.
  • Approximation. Connectivity, K-components, Clique, Clustering, Dominating Set, Independent Set, Matching, Ramsey, Vertex Cover.
  • Components. Connectivity, Strong connectivity, Weak connectivity, Attracting components, Biconnected components, Semiconnectedness.
  • Link Analysis. PageRank, Hits.
  • Shortest Paths. shortest_path, all_shortest_paths, hortest_path_length, average_shortest_path_length.
  • Structural holes. constraint, effective_size, ocal_constraint.
  • Traversal. Depth First Search, Breadth First Search, Beam search, Depth First Search on Edges.
  • Tree. Recognition, Branchings and Spanning Arborescences, Encoding and decoding, Operations, Spanning Trees, Exceptions
  • Much much more....

Date & Time

We support Date & Time calculations on LARGE dataset.

  • Time and Date Duration. Calculate duration, with both date and time included.
  • Date Calculaton. Add or subtract days, months, years.
  • Weekday. What Day is this Date?
  • Week Number. Find the week number for any date
  • Unix Timestamp Conversion. Convert any formats of date & time to standard unix timestamp and vice versa.
  • Timezone Conversion. Convert your date & time to any timezones.