Web Crawling

The price is not appicable for academic use, i.e, university, college, academic institutions, please contact us directly to get datasets for 50% DISCOUNT.

For Web crawling service, you only need to specify the site URL you want to crawl and what data you want to extract. The output will be any formats you requested.

As we have aready collected some datasets called Ready-to-use Dataset, you can buy them from us directly with the price stated (can bargain for a little of course:)). For the new dataset which are not on our site, you can send us a request so that we can do it for you. However, the price might be a little higher as we need to come up with new crawling and parsing scripts.

Request a NEW dataset

Ready-to-use Dataset New Dataset
200.00SGD* per 10,000 records per table* 300.00SGD per 10,000 records per table*
mininum 100.00SGD mininum 200.00SGD
Addtional 200.00SGD per 10,000 pages shall be paid if HTML source needed.

*SGD means Singapore Dollars

*1.00SGD ~ 4.90RMB (人民币)

*1.00SGD ~ 0.75USD

*table means 'table' in traditional Entity Relational database design. For example, here is one table of dataset. All movie data in 2015 in one table of dataset.

Data Processing

Data processing may need many scripts and results also have to be carefully checked, we priced it between 40.00SGD to 60.00SGD per hour depending on its complexties. And it also can be priced on project basis.

Data Computing

Data Computing can be simple or complex since many techniques need to be employed, such as Graph theroy and Machine Learning algorithms. Hence, we priced it between 50.00SGD to 150.00SGD per hour. And it also can be priced on project basis.

Research & Web Development

This needs more techniques and research sometimes, hence, we priced it between 80.00SGD to 200.00SGD per hour. And it also can be priced on project basis.

Payment Method

Official invoice can be issued.
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