Web Crawling

Starts from 20.00 SGD
Price depends on the size and difficulties of the targeted website.
*SGD indicates Singapore Dollars

Customized Web Crawling

To customize crawling a website, you need to specify to us:

  • The Website URL.
  • The data to be extracted.
  • The output format.

For customized datasets, you can drop us an email to together with the information contained in the link as attachment.

Request a customized dataset

Data Processing

Starts from 40.00 SGD
Data processing may need more time to come up with new scripts and outputs have to be carefully checked as, we priced it between depending on its complexties.

Data Computing

Starts from 60.00 SGD
Data Computing could be simple or very complicated depending on the techniques employed, such as Graph theroy and Machine Learning algorithms.

Research & Web Development

Starts from 100.00 SGD
This task may need more fancy techniques or popular research methodology sometimes, e.g., Big data processing, AI algorithm or even reading lots of research papers.


Alipay Wechat Bank transfer
Official receipt can be issued.